Who are we?

- Since 2020 -


Vestigium is an online academic journal for young students that seeks to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge, critical analysis, and philosophical and artistic debate. The journal is made up of a diverse team of contributors who aspire to become great intellectuals.

Vestigium is, therefore, the ideal space for students with many talents, passions, and interests - for aspiring scholars who dare to pursue knowledge and culture in any field and discipline. The journal is thus, on the one hand, an incentive for contributors to develop their intellectual capabilities, to put their thoughts on paper, and to live a complete university experience. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for students to broaden their academic horizons, by giving access to all those writings that, if not for their publication in the journal, would end up forgotten in a professor's office. In short, through the passion for reading and the dream for creativity, Vestigium fosters the development and exchange of knowledge beyond the particular requirements of an academic course.


Belonging to Latin - that marvelous, and yet sometimes despised language - the word "vestigium" means "footprint" or "trace". It is understandable, therefore, that we have decided to use it in an imperative sense - that is, 'leave a footprint' - as a direct exhortation to whoever is part of the project. Our name is thus a kind of motto that motivates us to seek perfection in our actions and truth, goodness and beauty in our thoughts, in order to influence today's society and transmit ideas that are really useful for the world in which we live. In this sense, we intend to leave a mark on the lives of people around us, passing on the vestiges left to us by those who have gone before us.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, whether you collaborate directly or indirectly, enjoy the opportunities we offer you, and try always to follow the motto which defines us:

"Vestigium", Leave a footprint!


Read critically. Think rigorously. Write effectively.