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Publication Criteria

The main pieces of publication will be written texts, although audiovisual documents are also considered as a possibility (Platform).

  • The piece must be prepared by the author in its entirety. Academic integrity is expected from the articles, so plagiarism will not be accepted under any circumstances, but persecuted and sanctioned. Likewise, it is expected the good use of quotations and, if considered necessary, the inclusion of a bibliographic section.
  • The text or audiovisual document should be sent as an attachment to an email addressed to the official account:
  • Publication under a pseudonym will be permitted, but the author must clarify his identity in the e-mail. The Editorial Board ensures maximum confidentiality.
  • The publication must be classifiable in one of the internal sections of Vestigium: Essays, Culture, Literary Composition, Academia and Platform.
  • The publication may be produced in the language of the author member's choice. To ensure maximum dissemination, however, Spanish, English or French are recommended.
  • There will be no limit to the length of the publication.
  • Clear, precise and formal expression is expected, respecting the characteristic features of the cultured standard.
  • The Journal guarantees maximum freedom of expression and thought. All argumentation is permitted as long as it is reasoned and meets the standards of education and respect. Vestigium will not be responsible for the ideas contained in the publications, which will be considered exclusively as the personal perspectives of the authors.
  • The Editorial Board will be the editing team and the supreme judge of the articles to be published. As in any other organization of this nature, corrections will be suggested and the author members are expected to consider them in the re-edition of their publication projects. In any case, these corrections may be rejected by the author.
  • The author will be allowed to suggest the images or other graphic documents that will accompany his or her publication on the website.

The Editorial Board of VESTIGIUM