Academic Journal

Vestigium is an academic journal for young students that seeks to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge, critical analysis, and philosophical and artistic debate.

Thus, Vestigium tries to forge an active group of audacious youths who aspire to become great scholars and wise intellectuals. The Journal seeks to promote a change in the contributors and in the society around them; it seeks to follow the path of the ancient vestiges so as to mark today's world with new footprints: vestigium!

Latest Publications



Includes cultural articles and commentaries on different artistic representations.


A collection of extensive academic articles, research papers and other scientific scholarship.

Literary composition 

The ideal section for storytellers: poems, short-stories, flash fiction...


A selection of argumentative and poetical prose of diverse topics.


A section dedicated for external articles, interviews, multimedia productions and other resources.

Pillars of Vestigium


Beauty is the perfection of the passions, motivation of the spirit and attribute of everything desirable.


The Good is the point where the beautiful and the truthful meet. Perfection of reality according to its nature.


Truth is light for the intellect and the horizon to discover. Instrument and end of all knowledge.


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